Why and how momma makes grated raw mango pickle is different?

Our very own mango season is here! and so is the season of mango pickles. A pickle is just like one of those companions who lifts our mood just by being there with us. A morning with your favorite paratha accompanied by the grated raw mango pickle is what a perfect breakfast morning sounds like. Tell us a better lunch idea than a flavorful plate of dal and rice with the love of sindh. What about Dinner? We’ve got you! End your day with the exotic flavors of sindh. Whatever the meal, whatever the occasion is, flavors of sindh with momma’s love will never let you down. If you think your plate is missing something, trust the sign because you are really missing out the appetizing touch of sindh.

The ultimate jar of sindhi happiness

Momma makes grated raw mango pickle in a jar loaded with the happiness and flavors of sindh is the only need to complete your meal. The tempting flavors of sindh along with the core ingredients make our raw mango pickle stand out from the crowd. The finely grated raw mangoes are put together with the rich mustard oil followed by other core sindhi spices. Every bite of this grated raw mango pickle will make you recall your childhood memories. 

Because our raw mango pickle is homemade with momma’s love

Ask a soldier about the simplicity and love of homemade food who’s far away from his family. Just to make him miss his mother a little less, we deliver the mother’s love loaded in a sindhful jar of happiness. We’ve grown watching glass jars in sunlight, we’ve grown watching our mothers and grandmothers putting their hearts out in that jar! The mouth-watering traditional grated raw mango pickle is packed with all our mother’s and grandmother’s warmth and adoration.

Fill up that extra space in your plate with raw mango pickle
It is indeed bliss to watch a toothsome plate after a rough day but wait!
What about that left-out corner of the plate? Fill it with sindhi’s delight!!!
Don’t you miss the good old days when your mom used to make a bulky plate for you after school? We assure you of nostalgia, An inviting tangy touch in your meal is enough to lift up your mood and get you ready for the day. Book your jar of mood booster today!

Don’t be patient for grated raw mango pickle

We are grounded by our culture and traditions. We want to introduce everyone to the greatness of sindh. To pass the tradition to our upcoming generation, we are wholeheartedly working to make this homemade raw mango pickle jar available to you with all the momma’s love.

You don’t have to wait all summer long for enjoying your meal accompanied by the mango pickle. No sunlight drying, no mess, and uncompromised mother’s love guaranteed.  

Pick your favorite sindhi jar of grated raw mango pickle today!