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About us

‘Momma Makes’ is a mother-daughter duo which started out with a small idea being discovered within the family for a few years , those discussions finally bore fruit during the pandemic when as a family – Mom, my siblings & me finally ran out of conversation.

First order of the day was to think of a brand name after debating for a few days the eldest of the siblings whose patience was running low simply suggested ‘ since Momma is making all of it , Let’s just call it Momma Makes ‘

Somehow all of us loved the sound of it and ‘Momma Makes’ was born.

Sindh In a Jar

Sindh in a jar is our exquisite range of Authentic traditional Sindhi pickles, these are lost ancient recipes made using age old Sindhi spices that have been handed down generations since the Indus Valley Revolution

If you’re looking for forgotten pickles from shikarpur, Sindh like the legendary potli/ beendi achaar, Lima-mirch-adrak, khatto mitho chundo, sandhyal gajar, paani waaro basar & many more
You’re at the right place

We at Momma Makes take pride in being able to serve you some Sindhi nostalgia.
We’d love to remind you of your daadi/ nani making these.. or shall we say we’re here for you with full of love from Sindh packed ‘in a jar’ customised especially for you


Grated Raw Mango Pickle a.k.a potli/ bheendi / gathri pickle

Our signature product the Grated Raw Mango Pickle also commonly known as the Potli Achar, dates back to the origins of Sindh. For more on the history of the ancient Potli Achar CLICK HERE

This pickle combines authentic Sindhi spices such as home ground turmeric, nigella seeds, etc with traditional ingredients such as grated raw mango, fresh ground mustard, fenugreek, etc. that bring out rare forgotten flavors.

This Product is available in :

180 gms – Rs.180/

350 gms – Rs.280/ (20% off)


Mini Grated Raw Mango Pickle

Grab your travel buddy now!!

Happiness often comes in small packages and we couldn’t be happier to introduce you to our latest entrant – Our signature product- Sindh In a Jar – Grated Raw Mango Pickle Mini.

Mini in size but packs the same mega punch you’ve grown to love and savor. Now don’t miss out on your favorite pickle while you’re on the move. And for those who haven’t tried it yet, this pack is perfect to get you started on a Sindhi culinary adventure you won’t forget.

So go ahead and grab your mini jar of Sindhi Goodness today and let your taste buds explode with flavours. We know you will Definitely keep coming back for more!!

This Product is available in :

                                           20 gms – Rs.20/


Diced Raw Mango Pickle a.k.a Tukde waari ambri

Mangoes harvested, usually around the formation of the seed are used for this variant, as that is when the raw mango is bursting with natural flavours. These carefully selected mangoes are then diced and immersed in rich mustard oil seasoned with traditional Sindhi spices, which are sure to tantalise your taste buds. The chunks of mango simply melt in your mouth leaving behind a palate soaked in flavours that makes every meal something to look forward to.

This Product is available in :

180 gms – Rs.125/-

350 gms – Rs.250/

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Lemon Chilli Ginger Pickle a.k.a Lima mirch adrak

One of Sindh’s closely guarded ancient culinary secret ‘The Zero Oil Pickle’ 

This pickle is preserved in lime juice. Lemon, also known as ‘Lima’ in Sindhi, have brought a humongous impact on the daily staple diet within the Sindhi community. The combination of Lemon Chilly Ginger bring together tangy and spicy flavours to our daily diet which also helps in our digestive system.

Lemon aids natural detoxification and also is a good source of vitamin C, whereas the humble ginger is a well known immunity booster; add to that green chillies which are loaded with healthy dietary fibers that give you supple and glowing skin.

This Product is available in :

180 gms – Rs.115/-

350 gms – Rs.230/


Carrot Pickle (Water Based & Oil Based)

Sindh in a Jar presents our exquisite range of traditional pickles from the Land of Sindh – The Carrot Pickle a.k.a. Gajroon Ji Khatairn  in Sindhi.
This pickle is perhaps the most popular among the seasonal achaars made during the winters in every Sindhi household. 
Our water based carrot pickle is a perfect blend of finely cut carrot sticks and whole mustard seeds soaked in the goodness of mustard oil, water and freshly ground spices make this a right accompaniment to add a tangy flavour to your meal.
Our oil based carrot pickle is rich in spices such as mustard seeds, fennel seeds,cummin seeds, black peppercorn these spices enhance the flavour of our freshly cut carrots that compliments most of our Sindhi meals

This Product is available in :

Carrot Pickle (water-based)

180 Gms : Rs. 95/-  &  350  Gms : Rs. 190/-  

Carrot Pickle (oil based)

350 Gms : Rs.210/-

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Khatta Meetha Shahi Chunda

Our limited edition Shahi Chunda offers a guilt free alternative for those who crave their mango in a well-balanced sweet – savoury mix. It is a favorite among those who have a sweet tooth yet are health conscious. This beautiful mix comes with less sugar and zero oil, but brings the goodness of jaggery, dry fruits and other spices that boost our immunity. Spread it, dip in it or just have a spoonful to end your meal with a twang.

Grab your pack now

180 Gms : Rs. 200/-


made to order Onion Pickle & Sirke Wala Pyaaz

This product is prepared fresh as per order, kindly allow us 3 days to dispatch.

The latest addition to our Momma Makes pickle family is the Onion Pickle
Available in two lip smacking variants that work as a perfect accompaniment for all types of Indian cuisines and International too i.e if you’re the adventurous type

The first variant is the Onion Pickle a.k.a Basar ji Khataairn which is made of baby onions soaked in mustard seeds and aromatic spices and goes amazingly well with gravys and assorted rotis to name a few

The second variant is ‘ Sirke Wala Pyaaz’ which is an age old favourite made with baby onions soaked in vinegar and beet with a dash of sugar and salt, this specially goes as an excellent add on to all your non veg delicacies be it kebabs, grills or curries

So go ahead and grab your jar today

The crunchy tangy deliciousness of this pickle is sure to make your palate sing and dance at the same time.

Onion pickle 350 Gms : Rs.190/-

Sirke wala pyaaz 350 Gms : Rs.190/-


made to order Special Sindhi Khorak

This product is prepared fresh as per order, kindly allow us 3 days to dispatch.

Khorak – A traditional ancient dessert & a festive treat primarily eaten during winters.

A Royal Sindhi speciality, simmered in a generous amount of pure desi Ghee along with rich ingredients like milk, sugar, poppy seeds, dry fruits and lots of love !

Two large pieces of khorak can suffice any sweet tooth.

This Product is available in 3 sizes:

250 Gms : Rs.600/-

500 Gms : Rs.1200/-

1Kg : Rs.2000/-


made to order Singhar ki mithai

This product is prepared fresh as per order, kindly allow us 3 days to dispatch.

Momma Makes introduces Singhar ki Mithai to sweeten your festive season
Singhar ki MIthai a.k.a Sev Barfi is a famous Sindhi delicacy, it is prepared with homemade unsalted/feeka sev & unsalted khoya/ feeka mawa. The idea of this sweet is that sev is not just a snack but it can be a sweet fudge too It’s a super delicious treat for all the sweet lovers as it’s asupremely delectable , mouth watering and an all time favourite

Indulge in this sweet little heaven this festive season made with unsalted sev, sugar, milk , khoya in the goodness of pure ghee and premium quality Dryfruits this dish will surely transport you to our beloved sindh

This Product is available in 3 sizes:

250 Gms : Rs.300/-

500 Gms : Rs.600/-

1Kg : Rs.1200/-


made to order Aatte ke laddoo

This product is prepared fresh as per order, kindly allow us 3 days to dispatch.

Another winter special delicacy is our very famous Sindhi Aatte ke laddoo.
Roasting the whole wheat flour gives a rich aroma while sugar and ghee give it an intense traditional flavour
Wholesome and Nutritious, the Aatte ke laddoo is a saviour for every sweet tooth

This Product is available in 3 sizes:

250 Gms : Rs.400/-

500 Gms : Rs.800/-

1Kg : Rs.1400/-


Sindhi Masala Papad

On high demand Momma Makes introduces our very own special Sindhi papad made with the best quality ingredients like urad dal, moong dal,black pepper, jeera, hing and salt
Sindhis just can’t live without this golden disc
We simply love it In all ways be it fried, roasted or top it with some fresh cut onion , tomatoes and enjoy a Masala papad

1/4 kg : Rs.160/-

1/2 kg : Rs.300/-


Gul beda ( Biscuits)

Let’s take you back to your childhood days and relive all the golden memories !!!

Momma Makes presents Sindhi nostalgia in the form of these cute little round shaped mini biscuits topped with pastel creamy colourful happiness to enjoy with your next cup of evening tea/coffee…
Pure indulgence guranteed!!!

Rs. 70/-


Peppermint Tikki

Relive your youth n bring back memories in a flash with our Peppermint tikkis.
Mommamakes brings back this Sindhi mouth freshener which is a favorite in all household’s not just for its minty goodness but also cos it aids in digestion n helps regulate acidity.

Grab your pack now

Rs. 50/-


Sukal Mirch

This irresistible fryum variety is known and also very famous by different names accross regions like sun dried curd chillies in English, sukhi dahi mirch in Hindi and has various names like Challa/majiga, Mirapakayplu in south India.

In Sindhi we call it Sukal Mirch, it is accompanied best with Khichadi, Dal Rice/ Curd Rice. The process of making these chillies takes a week’s time.. chillies are soaked in buttermilk during preparation which adds a mix of sour, salty , spicy and mildly pungent flavour to the whole meal. These are usually made during hot and scorching summers as it’s the perfect time for the chillies to get dried up completely but with Momma Makes you can relish these all year long

Ingredients- salt , curd , green chillies

Grab your pack now

Rs. 100/-


Sindhi Kheecha ( Mix fryums )

A fulfilling pack of fryums in a mix of all fun shapes and sizes binged with all authentic Sindhi meals or just as an evening snack just sprinkle some chaat masala and delicious

Grab your pack now

Rs. 80/-


Sabudana coin papad (fasting) / Sabudana kheecha chips

Sabudana coin papad (fasting) / Sabudana kheecha chips
Sabudana coins can be consumed during fasting, are ready to fry and delicious in taste so enjoy the crisp and savour this Sindhi snack delivered to your doorstep only through Momma Makes

Sabudana coin papad Rs. 80/-

Sabudana kheecha chips Rs. 80/-


Potato chips / twisted spiral potato chips

Potato chips is something loved by all age groups and something that can never be said no to when offered

Momma Makes offers you best quality,super thin,crispy,handmade, ready to fry chips that are impeccable in both taste and quality

Potato chips Rs. 100/-

Twisted spiral potato chips Rs. 100/-


Box of 4 bestsellers

We’ve curated a box of 4 of our bestseller pickles featuring

• Grated Raw Mango
• Lemon Chilly Ginger
• Carrot Pickle
• Diced Raw Mango
All in our standard size of 180g.

 Rs. 650/-


MADE TO ORDER Sindh in a Jar - Thadal

This product is prepared fresh as per order, kindly allow us 3 days to dispatch.

Thadal is a cooling and energizing drink, used by the pehlwan of the Sindh province in Pakistan. The drink keep the wrestlers liver cool during fights and exercises. The drink is prepared using ground char magaz, dry fruits, pepper and almonds.

Thandiay (Thadal)
The refresher is said to be so cooling that it can give you a cold, so a pinch of black pepper is added.

The clever use of almonds, khus-khus, pepper, cardamom, saffron and saunf makes for a really powerful energiser. It can uplift the mood and allows you to ride smoothly over rough times. It is rich in antioxidants, and also restores your hormones to a state of balance. Most importantly, it is a great digestive aid that restores the mucus lining and gut-friendly bacteria.

 Rs. 399/-

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